Roundabouts Database

Welcome to the Roundabouts Database, the most comprehensive inventory of roundabouts and circular intersections on the web! We provide this website and database as a public service to the Transportation Research Board, to transportation professionals, and to the public at large to provide the most complete inventory of roundabouts and circular intersections in the United States, Canada, and beyond.

At the top of the screen are five public tabs:

Quick facts (see poster here for details through 2021):

Important Information for Requesting an Account: If you would like to submit new sites for the database, please email to be set up with an account. When requesting an account, please provide some background on why you are requesting an account. Only legitimate users will be approved, with preference given to transportation professionals and enthusiasts to help maintain the integrity of the database. All accounts are subject to removal at our sole discretion. For just a few sites, we would prefer you email with the information about those sites; we would prefer to reserve accounts for transportation professionals or enthusiasts who expect to be periodic and/or regular contributors.

For adding sites, please double-click on the map at the intersection of interest, after which a form will appear. Please fill out the form as completely as possible, including (if possible) a website link where more information can be found. A site with only default information takes us longer to review and edit and may be delayed for review or deleted entirely. Our volunteer curation time is limited, and we will prioritize accordingly. In general, circular intersections that serve essentially as cul-de-sacs or that are located within apartment complexes or other private sites will be deleted.

What’s new?

2022-10-18: We have implemented a login system for site contributions. Please email to be set up with an account.

2022-08-26: Due to the nature of the Microsoft Bing map interface, we have added a home landing page and buttons that require you to select these to obtain aerial photos. This has been needed to reduce unnecessary transactions with the Bing interface, including from bots. Please feel free to select these if you need these for your purposes, but we would appreciate keeping these selections to a minimum.